Who's New in Madison

We Offer A Variety of Interest Groups And Activities


​or more information, ​click on the blue box below to contact our Membership Chair or send an application request to whosnewinmadison@gmail.com.    

Who's New in Madison offers a variety of interest groups to promote a feeling of

community and friendship.  If you don't see one you like, we encourage all of our

members to start their own!  Most of our interest groups and activities meet in 

the daytime, but there are a few that meet in the evening.  We also have a few 

activities that include spouses or partners.

Book Groups

Love to read?  We have 8 book groups to choose from, both fiction

and non-fiction.

Bridge Groups

We play different kinds and levels of bridge, both afternoons and evenings.


Dividend Divas Women's Investment Club

If you ever wanted to invest in the stock market and have not had the confidence

do to so, this group can help!  No investment experience required.

Ladies Golf League

We meet weekly at Glenway Golf Course in Madison.

Ladies of the Garden

We meet to discuss gardening, cooking and crafting with produce from the garden.  

We have speakers and outings to various garden centers.

Lunch Adventures

This group meets at out of the way, exotic restaurants in Madison or surrounding


Lunch Bunch

This group meets each month at different restaurants in Madison or surrounding


Mah Jongg

Men's Golf League

We meet weekly at Pleasant View Golf Course in Middleton.



Bring whatever sewing project you choose to this group, from doing your mending to knitting a sweater.  Stitch a little, enjoy some snacks and socialize.

Not Just Wine and Cheese

This group has no agenda!  It's just an evening socializing.  Bring your spouse, partner, friend or come alone. Everyone brings an appetizer to share and whatever beverage they want to drink.


We meet weekly at Powless Tennis Center on Struck Street in Madison from September to May.  

Women's Bicycling

Women's Golf League

We meet weekly at Speedway Golf Course in Madison.

Women's Hiking

Women's Cross Country Skiing

Writing Your Memories

Have you always wanted to write your memoir, but haven't quite gotten it done?  This group will teach you how to go about getting it written and off your to-do list.